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Stats GBP 12h00

  • jefft

    stats GBP dans 1mn :)
    Cette stat n'apparait pas dans les prevs du site.

    Source Confederation of British Industry (latest release)
    Measures Level of a diffusion index based on surveyed retailers and wholesalers;
    Usual Effect Actual > Forecast = Good for currency;
    Frequency Released monthly, around the end of the current month;
    Next Release Oct 28, 2010
    FF Notes Above 0 indicates higher sales volume, below indicates lower. Source changed series calculation formula as of July 2009;
    Why Traders
    Care It's a leading indicator of consumer spending because retailer and wholesaler sales are directly influenced by consumer buying levels;
    Derived Via Survey of about 160 retail and wholesale companies which asks respondents to rate the relative level of current sales volume;
    Also Called Distributive Trades Survey;
    Acro Expand Confederation of British Industry (CBI);